Past Gatherings

Woodstoke Whangamatā 2012

For the first time in New Zealand a conference is happening dedicated to the art of wood firing. This will be the start of the renaissance for the wood firing fraternity and the best possible introduction for potters and ceramicists that have wanted to have a go with wood firing. The weekend is full of kiln building, kilns firing and an exploration of all things related to the wood fired pot.

International guests will lead the charge into the frantic pace of kiln construction, with participants expected to lend a hand and feel the clay under their fingernails. A variety of kilns, from small salt kilns through to large temporary kiln installations will be erected on site, pots made to fill them and then the fires are lit. A pyromania of heat and flame will ensure the weekend is an impression burnt into the memory of all.

There will be the sort of feasting and company that legends are made of and with camping on-site the partying and all night stoking vigils can last until dawn.

We are fortunate to be able to base the conference at a farm only a few kilometres from Whangamata, with plenty of room and facilities for onsite camping. Utalising the ready supply of wood, clay and imagination the weekend will unfold under the watchful coordination of Janet Smith, Maureen Allison and Duncan Shearer.

Participation by everyone is the magic ingredient that will set this conference apart – no timetable clashes, no dashing from one lecture hall to the next, instead a key set of kiln projects under the control of our guest demonstrators will arrest your interest and allow you to work along side other keen participants.

Woodstoke Aotearoa 2016

A Challenge… have we lost touch with:

• The living clay and the firing process?
• The purpose and privilege of our work?
• How to share our story with the customer and market?
• The tribe we are a continuum of?
• Our youth, the future of clay?
Woodstoke is a chance for answers, a chance to reply, a chance to converge and tell our stories. This is to be a gathering, focussed on making and wood firing the living clay. For the regeneration of our tribe by providing a meeting place. For experiential learning for participants and guests. We believe it is an essential time for us to reconnect.
• Making pots using local clays, vessels to honour the garden and cook.
• Making sculptures using local clays, telling our stories, who we are.
• Building and firing temporary installation kilns.
Adjunct activities:
Earth building, earth plaster finishes, rocket stove building, adobe pizza oven building, olla making, musical instruments and clay mural making