How to get to us

We’ll be putting up flags at the gate on the main road so you can find us, check out the bottom of this page for the address and map and here’s some useful distances:

Coming from Kopu – 58km (over the Kopu – Hikuai road)

Heading south from Whangamata – 6.5km

Coming from Waihi – 23km

Passing Whiritoa from the south – 6km

Latitude -37.252621

Longitude 175.862439


Starting Times

We will be opening the check in desk at 9am each day during Woodstoke – including the required COVID 19 register which everyone needs to sign each day. On Thursday at 10am is the official welcome and throughout the event we will be posting updates of what’s happening and where on the main whiteboard.


  • Participants arrive
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Demonstrations/collaborations start
  • Making pots for Tunnel kiln, Bottle kiln and Isaac kiln
  • Glazing pots for Isaac kiln and Bottle kiln
  • Firing Anagama kiln


  • Demonstrations/collaborations continue
  • Loading Bottle kiln, Isaac kiln, start loading Tunnel kiln
  • Making pots and glazing pots for Tunnel kiln
  • Finish firing Anagama kiln


  • Demonstrations/collaborations continue
  • Random paper kiln builds
  • Finish loading Tunnel kiln
  • Firing Bottle kiln, Isaac kiln, Tunnel kiln, Paper kilns


  • Demonstrations/collaborations continue
  • Opening all kilns from midday (or sooner)
  • Guest potters arrive to see their work emerge from the kiln

More Details

Below is a list of what to bring to make your participation more enjoyable.

  • Basic pottery hand tools – simple things like a knife, cutting wire, usefully shaped pieces of wood.
  • Sensible footwear – it is a farm and so you will be walking over grass and dodging the odd rabbit hole. So boots or walking shoes, preferably leather if you want to stoke a kiln.
  • Safety glasses – unless you wear glasses normally, this is to protect your eyes when stoking.
  • Torch – with dusk setting in around 6pm a torch will be useful to find your way to the kilns and toilets.
  • Insect repellant (due to the unexpected warm spell there are a few mozzies around)
  • Battery bank for your cell phone – power is limited on site so please either charge your phone at your accommodation or car or bring a battery bank to top it up.
  • The long term weather forecast is looking OK for our event, but bring sunscreen and a raincoat then you’ll be sweet for whatever nature throws at us.
  • Food – remember that you are responsible for providing your own breakfasts and lunches, and dinner on Thursday and Sunday nights.
  • Pots – please bring a couple of finished pieces with you, we’re setting up a spot where you can set them out and either sell or swap them over the course of Woodstoke. Details of how this will work will be explained on the Thursday morning.
  • You can also bring two or three bisqued pots for you to experiment with using our glazes and slips.

Kiln Masters and their kilns

Maureen Allison

Maureen will be in charge of her large Anagama kiln. This firing will already be underway when you arrive on Thursday and Maureen will be needing willing stokers to continue firing through until late Friday night.

Anagama kiln

Firing to around 1200 to 1280. If you want work in this firing then see the ‘Dates to Remember’ section and send off your pieces. The kiln will be going when you arrive and will fire through to about Friday evening.

Paul Maseyk

Paul is in charge of the kiln built by Isaac Patmore during last Woodstoke. Paul was inspired by Isaac’s kiln and went home to build his own version in Taranaki, now a skilled master in firing this style of kiln, Paul will need a crew to load and fire this kiln.

Fast Fire Kiln (Isaac’s Kiln)

Firing to 1300. A turbo charged rocket kiln, like a V8 in a mini, this kiln will get hot. Wadding comes to the fore as tumble stacked raw work needs a steady hand when loading. With a dash of soda in the mix there will be some rich surfaces from this firing.

Duncan Shearer

Duncan is in charge of the tunnel kiln and will fire in the provincial French style of terracotta ware. Raw glazed terracotta, rich with slipping, will be loaded and nursed to top temperature of 1150 over 16 hours, with varying atmospheric conditions.

Tunnel Kiln

Firing to 1140. In a complete change of direction this kiln is focussed on delivering an earthenware approach. Local red clays, burnt dark by the firing, covered in a white slip and rich lead glazes, possibly a first for NZ, but this firing method has been used in France and Spain for centuries. This kiln will be the last to get going and needs a carefully controlled firing.

Louis Kittleson

Louis is in charge of the kiln built in 2012 by Gyan. This innovative bottle kiln design will need to be loaded and fired over 3 days and finished with a charcoal loading to slow cool the kiln under reduction. Sign up on Thursday to be one of the crew.

Bottle Kiln (Gyan’s Kiln)

Firing to around 1250, this kiln rewards careful firebox stoking as the shelves surround the firebox. This kiln has a range of atmospheric conditions and temperature zones – some great spots for those who want the ash all over their work, and areas where the quiet soft blushes occur.

Click on the button to download the slip and glaze recipes we're using

Additional Kiln Action

We’re also anticipating additional low firing kiln like the straw dog kiln being constructed and loaded with your work. So when you arrive on Thursday you’ll be off to a busy start.

We’re excited to announce an added bonus firing event. Peter Lange, ably assisted by his daughter Jenny, are going to be building a special kiln that will be another world first. Peter, over the years, has built a wide range of kilns – some from unlikely materials, others in unlikely shapes. This kiln will be giving a nod to another iconic rural motif and hopefully function slightly better than the ice kiln.

Makers / Collaborators

We’ve chosen a diverse range of makers to inspire and challenge you. Each maker is encouraged to be spontaneous and to build work collaboratively with the other guest makers and participants. The clay will be various local clays and additions like river sands or other found materials is to be encouraged. Some of the work will be for the various firings if suitable.

Elena Renker

Anneke Borren

Fiona Tunnicliffe

Kate Fitzharris

Darry Frost

Mike O'Donnell

Laurie Steer

We Have T-Shirts

We have had t-shirts printed especially for this Woodstoke, which will be for sale during the event at $40 each (in a range of sizes). If we sell out we’ll be taking orders and post them to you.


For your choice of where to stay, first look at Whangamata or Whiritoa (both 7km away from kiln site), Waihi is another option but further away and over a hill.

Below is a list of links that will be useful to check out. There is everything from back backer style to up market Bed and Breakfasts to Hotels. At this time of the year demand is high so get in quick to secure your bed. There are also baches available for rent and these can often work out very economical if there is a group.

If you wish to camp then call the local Whangamata camp ground on 07 865 9128, they also have cabins.

Other options about a half hours drive away are:

Opoutere Coastal Camping, ph:07 865 9152

Waihi Motor Camp, ph:07 863 7654

Terms and Conditions

  • Woodstoke reserves the right to cancel an event if it fails to achieve a minimum number of paid bookings, or for reasons outside its control. A full refund will be given if an event is cancelled by Woodstoke. 
  • If a participant cancels their paid booking three or more weeks prior to an event commencement then a full refund will be given. If a participant cancels their paid booking within two weeks of an event commencement then a refund will be given minus an administration fee of $60 (at the discretion of Woodstoke organisers). If a participant cancels their paid booking within one week or on the start date of an event then no refund will be given. 
  • A confirmed booking requires full payment of the event fee. 
  • Woodstoke reserves the right to cancel the booking for any participant deemed to be unsuitable for the event. 
  • Woodstoke reserves the right to change the guest potters on advertised events and replace that guest potter with another suitable potter without advertising those changes or refunding event fees. 
  • All participants must comply with the Health and Safety policy of Woodstoke.
  • By booking for a Woodstoke event you agree to Woodstoke’s Terms and Conditions as outlined above.