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The Plan...

Janet Smith is building a new anagama wood kiln and Woodstoke is utilising this opportunity to deliver a one off workshop that will cover kiln design, construction techniques, brick laying, insulating adobes and steel work. Taught by master kiln builder, Duncan Shearer, you will get hands on experience in the fundamentals behind wood kiln design and take part in the first firing.

Duncan has been firing wood kilns since 1996 and has built over a dozen brick kilns. As one of the potters at Rahu Road Pottery, Duncan is very familiar with the processes at play in woodfiring and with his kiln building experience you will benefit from a host of tips and techniques along with the theory of how wood kilns work.


The workshop

We are altering the workshop series due to enrolments and needing to finish the kiln in May.

4th and 5th May

We are now only having one weekend workshop on 4th & 5th May. This will be focussed on kiln design, construction and operation. Participants will be laying the arch and starting the adobe layers.

Topics covered

Information about material choices, dimensions of key parts, basic thermodynamics at work, structural support structures, adobe formulations and firing processes.

There is free accommodation onsite in the ‘woolshed studio’ and space available for camping/caravans (see below). The workshop fee of $300 includes refreshments, lunches and the Saturday meal.

Once the kiln is completed a firing date will be scheduled and all participants invited back (with pots) to help load and fire the first firing.

To book please use the contact page.


The Kiln

The kiln design is a stepped tunnel anagama, with a total volume of around 110 cuft and a stacking space of around 40 cuft. There will be one side stoke on each side and the top step will have soda ports incorporated. The kiln will be built on a concrete pad and under a shed roof so construction can go ahead regardless of the weather.

The Accommodation

If you want to stay on-site on the Saturday (or arrive earlier on Friday) then we have options for camping, caravans (with a caravan plug) and you can also stay in the woolshed, with it's self contained kitchen and bathroom. 


37 Kairangi Rd


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