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Click on the buttons below to download pdf files related to the pizza oven, rocket stoves and earth plaster mural

Waikato Ceramics

 Welcome to our clay sponsor

Waikato Ceramics - makers of Macs Mud Clays

We’re really happy that our local clay maker and material suppliers are supporting Woodstoke, they’ll be a presence at our gathering and offering samples of their new clay. Visit their website at:


Hauraki District Council

Community Arts Funding - thanks for supporting Woodstoke


We have a carpark for everyone that is only 2km away, it’s as close as the boggy ground will allow. We will be running a regular and frequent shuttle bus back and forth and into Whangamata to ensure easy access to your vehicles and the kilns. 

Please remember to bring your own lunches, we have some cooking facilities on-site and building more during the event. We are providing free tea, coffee and delicious bore water.

What to Bring

Woodstoke is held on a working farm, so the following list of gear is recommended:

  • Gumboots
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle
  • Camera

If you want to take part in firing a kiln then please bring the following equipment - we will have leather gloves, so if you bring your own then please label them.

  • Stout leather boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Scarf
  • Cotton or wool clothing
  • Woollen hat 


Hopefully everyone has managed to find a bed now that camping on site is not an option. If you have spare beds and don’t mind sharing then let us know, there could be others still hunting, if you are still looking then also let us know and we’ll see what we can do to find you a bed.


When arriving onsite for the first time please make your way to the registration desk to check in and receive the mandatory health and safety briefing and information about site layout.

There is a welcome briefing at 9.30am on Friday and activities will kick off (or in some cases be already underway) straight away with a busy 4 days ahead.


Please email us if you need any further information. To register for Woodstoke please use the registration form below. If you want to talk to someone the please call one of the following numbers:

Janet Smith: +64 027 251 9043

Duncan Shearer: +64 7 8626974

 If the registration form isn’t working for you, then just use the contact form and send us a message including your phone number and email address and that you want to register for Woodstoke and Janet will get back to you via email.

Individual day registrations are possible, but due to limited numbers full registrations take preference, please contact us for more details.


Listed below are the main highlights planned for Woodstoke. But like any gathering, this is just an outline, we are encouraging everyone to get actively involved, to roll up their sleeves. get the gumboots on and lets see what magic the collaborations between woodstokers can achieve.

The daily programme is driven by the different guest demonstrators, which all have their own white boards displaying how they are structuring their day’s activities. We will have some slide show talks, which will be posted on a whiteboard. Please engage with our guests, ask them questions, lend a hand if required, help stoke a kiln at midnight, build a rocket stove, structure your own experience to get the most out of Woodstoke.

The site has a variety of kilns that will be fired in a sequence over the 4 days giving lots of opportunities to load, stoke, unload and understand the firing process.  

The large anagama is scheduled to start on Wednesday 19th October and finish on Friday night, reaching about 1250 degrees, unloading on Monday. If you want your work in this kiln it needs to be at the kiln site by 10th October - contact us for delivery details. Glaze only the insides please. The firing will be overseen by Maureen.

The smaller brick kiln will start late on Friday and finish Sunday, opening on Monday. It will get to about 1250 degrees. Pieces for this kiln can be brought with you as the kiln loading on Friday will be an important demonstration. Chester is in charge of this kiln, supervising the loading and firing schedule.

The Gyan bottle kiln will start on Sunday morning and fire until Sunday night, opening late on Monday.

Additional temporary kilns

Fiona will be building a sculptural work and then a temporary fibre kiln around it, to fire from late Saturday.

Darryl and Yuri both have ideas that involve building kilns is unique ways in unique locations, they both need helpers to realise their ambitious plans - so get involved.

Isaac will be taking inspiration from the site and the intense local clays, we can hardly wait to see what this Austalian artist can do with a little bit of New Zealand.

Our American guest, Heidi is arriving early and will have work underway for the kilns.

Steve, Mike and Louis have collaborative projects planned that engage and relate to the land and the life in the river that surrounds the site. 

Adjunct Activities

Rose will be utilising the varieties of clays on site and demonstrating plaster wall finishes, we want everyone to participate in this communal wall work as a legacy of Woodstoke 2016. 

Rocket stoves will be powering the hot water supplies, for the campers and communal cooking facilities - some of these stoves will be built on Friday, the best way to understand these popular wood stoves is to get stuck in and build one.

Olla making is an ancient irrigation technology and we will have a making station set up with instruction, make and fire you own olla during the conference - the ultimate eco souvenir.

Pizza oven building by Rose and Duncan, the base will be pre-built and the clay mix ready for the building of the dome on Friday. The first pizzas will be ready for Saturday dinner.



Due to the astounding and prodigious amount of rain that’s fallen on the Coromandel this spring we have had to make the decision to close the camping area. The paddock is inundated under 5 cm of water which is refusing to drain away. The wet conditions have also meant that cars have nowhere to park on site. 

So our solution is:

If you wish to camp then call the local Whangamata camp ground on 07 865 9128, the tent sites are about $35 per night. They also have cabins.

Other options about a half hours drive away are:

Opoutere Coastal Camping, ph:07 865 9152 (

Waihi Motor Camp, ph:07 863 7654 (

Check out Bookabach ( and search for Whangamata or Whiritoa (both 7km away from kiln site)

Car parking will be available either in a neighbouring property or in town. To make this plan work we will be running a shuttle van to Whangamata and elsewhere to collect and drop off people. 

We are fortunate that the conference and kiln sites are still fully operational and we’re full steam ahead with final preparations (at least the clay will be nice and wet!). We have both fine and wet weather options for all activities and our most precious resource, wood, is dry and seasoned to perfection - the kilns will be running hot.

If you are planning on taking part in one of the overnight kiln stoking crews then we have an area where you can nap and recharge your batteries, let us know and we can fill you on the details.


Below is a list of links that will be useful to check out. There is everything from Back backer style to up market Bed and Breakfasts to Hotels. At this time of the year demand is high so get in quick to secure your bed. There are also baches available for rent and these can often work out very economical if there is a group.

More Links to useful information about Coromandel and New Zealand

Great New Zealand

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The conference is located on a farm about 10 minutes drive south from Whangamata. The street address is 2294 Waihi Whangamata Rd. 

Parking with the Shuttle

Park your cars at : 2548 Waihi Road

Then ring Janet on 027 2519043 for the shuttle 

We will be running the shuttle as needed - please phone when you arrive at the parking

The conference will be located solely at the farm. The advantages of being in a rural location is access to wonderful clay, oozing out of the banks and endless firewood waiting for the kiln. Also on site is Maureen's anagama kiln and other wood fired kilns

If you are arriving into Auckland and looking to take public transport to the conference venue then you'll be able to get to Waihi easily - the closest town on the bus routes. Once in Waihi it will just be a matter of phoning the contact number supplied once you have registered for the conference and someone will some and collect you. Here's a couple of useful links for the public transport option.

Mana Bus


If you want to travel from Auckland directly to Whangamata then the link listed below is your only option

Go Kiwi Shuttles

2294 Waihi Whangamata Rd, Whangamata.