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Whangamata, Coromandel
21st to 24th October 2016.

Woodstoke would like to thank all the participants and guest demonstrators for making this gathering an epic and memorable event. 

We hope that new friendships were formed, information shared, techniques passed on and enjoyment of clay and fire shared.

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for images and stories, some of which we will be posting up on this website.   


A Challenge… have we lost touch with: 

  • The living clay and the firing process?
  • The purpose and privilege of our work, the inheritance from previous generations of potters?
  • How to share our story with the customer and market? 
  • The tribe we are a continuum of? 
  • Our youth, the future of clay?

Woodstoke is a chance to answer, a chance to reply, a chance to converge and tell our stories. This is to be a gathering, focussed on making and wood firing the living clay. For the regeneration of our fibre by providing a meeting place. For experiential learning for participants and guests. We believe it is an essential time for us to reconnect. 

Adjunct activities:

  • earth building
  • earth plaster finishes
  • rocket stove building
  • adobe pizza oven building
  • ollas making (unglazed clay pots for garden irrigation)
  • musical instruments
  • clay mural making

Set amongst the rolling hills of the Hauraki District our site is rich with clay, bricks, wood and potential. There is camping and parking for camper-vans / caravans on site and we’ll be providing toilets and washing facilities.

Our first list of guest potter / demonstrators is now listed below. As we confirm more guests we'll be adding to the list - so keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks.

For more details and a programme of activities, please visit the INFORMATION page.


These guest potters will lead us in creating an event that challenges, energises, bewilders and creates.


Yuri Wiedenhofer

Taught by the best potters in Australia, Yuri has developed an easy making style that comes alive from the firing of his Anagama kiln, he also has a dangerous gleam to his eye when building kilns. Yuri was also the winner of the 2015 ANU School of Art Sculpture Workshop Residency Prize. Yuri is a woodfirer based at Barrabooka Pottery in the hills behind Tanja, NSW. His ash-glazed works are made from clays sourced on his property and elsewhere and he is known for his prize-winning fire sculptures.


Heidi Kreitchet

I am interested in creating work that expresses my exploration of form and line. These vessels become my visual vocabulary for communicating my on-going experience with “pushing clay”. My pieces are sculptural not intended to be functional; they are expressive, not practical. My emotional, intuitive and physical reaction to handling and manipulating the clay provides the pieces with passion, power, animation, and elasticity. I believe in expressing movement and gesture by using clay to give the work integrity.


Chester Nealie

Born on this side of the ditch, Chester now resides near Gulgong in Australia. He has honed his methods of making and firing to produce a synthesis that is truly sensational and his generosity in sharing information during demonstrations is legendary.


Fiona Tunnicliffe

Award winning Ceramic Artist Fiona Tunnicliffe has been working as a full time potter for 25 years. Her beautiful pieces almost always use animal forms as a starting point. Each of Fiona’s rather special formed ceramic animals seems to exude its own unique personality enhanced by the textures, patterns, text, and relief work to its coat and shape. Her work is collected and treasured widely!
Fiona divides her time between making and selling in Galleries from Whangarei to Dunedin, and teaching ceramic art. She is also a regular contributor to the anagama kiln firings held at Maureen Allison’s workshop.


Darryl Frost

This Tasman based potter is one that can open your eyes to the mesmerising nature of wood firing. Drawing inspiration from nature and the chaotic, Daryl will impart his enthusiasm for the raw material of clay and its infinite potential.


Isaac Patmore

Isaac Patmore has his arts practice split across many facets of creative production. Patmore’s practise is not bound by the restraints of functionality and is an antithesis to our advancing technologies.  “I believe in the fundamental uncontrollability of nature.”  Exploring this in search for “interestingness”. Like the yin and yang of eastern culture for something to be strong it must be balanced, This duality must also be present in artworks to give them strength.


Steve Fullmer

Arrived in New Zealand in 1973 on a working holiday. In 1976 he established his own studio and a wood firing kiln in Mahana, Nelson. His early influences were the studio potters but he soon found the need to create his own aesthetic using coloured slips and alternate firing techniques. His passion was and still is the creation of the shape, the throwing or handbuilding of the piece.



  • Duncan Shearer - rocket stoves, olla making, pizza oven building
  • Rose Tuffery - clay plaster wall finishes, pizza oven building
  • Mike O’Donnell - environmental sculpture and collaborative group work
  • Louis Kittleson - experimental kiln building
  • Maureen Allison - anagama kiln firing

Welcome to our sponsors

Waikato Ceramics

Waikato Ceramics

Makers of Macs Mud Clays

We’re really happy that our local clay maker and material suppliers are supporting Woodstoke, they’ll be a presence at our gathering and offering samples of their new clay. Visit their website at:


Hauraki District Council

Community Arts Funding.

2294 Waihi Whangamata Rd, Whangamata.